About Us
The Vipers Track Club  is a grassroots youth program founded and based out of Champaign-Urbana since 2000. We are sanctioned by USA Track and Field (USATF) which is the national governing body for track and field in the United Stated. 

We develop our athletes and community better than anyone else.
  • We are committed to continously strengthening our athletes chances to compete at the next level
  • We believe in training smarter while promoting the pursuit of academic excellence in the classroom
  • We build and maintain great relationships with our athletes and their families long after they complete our program
  • We continously improve performance of our athletes by behavior based systems and results tracking
Our mission is to help provide leadership, vision, insporation, passion, dedication and mental toughness to every studetn athlete involved in our program. 

The Vipers Track Club starts accepting athletes starting at age 9 through 18.We also accepting athletes in college coming home looking for a place to train. 

Goals of the Vipers Track:
  • Buidling a base that will give the athlete strength, stamina and confidence to compete. Developing that "Mental Edge"
  • Introducing exerices that help to develop and improve the athletes technique, stride length, and stride frequency
  • Decrease the athlete overall chance of injury: Overus, muscle strains, pulls and aches
  • Focus on nutrition, vitamins and proer dieting
  • Help athlete take owenershiops of their training, goals, execution and commitment to their sport
  • help develop the proer sprint mechanics that are so vital at the end of any race
  • Focus on developing speed and conditiong the body and the mind to hold that speed
  • Work weekly toward buidling strength and explosiveness
  • Help prepare all athletes for championship peak phrase season
  • Hope athlete will have their best performance during their championship meets